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As usual with LA-based artrockers Liars, their forthcoming album “Sisterworld” (March 9, on Mute) is a real can of worms. But the differance with the four previous albums is that Liars created more than a record this time, they created another universe!

As a metaphoric experience that transcribes what they’ve been witnessing while living in Los Angeles, “Sisterworld” refers to the alternative spaces created by the rejected people from L.A. Think outcasts, homeless people, Hollywood’s casualties. What do they do? How do they live? How do they technically manage to survive?

Without knowing, Liars probably wrote the musical alter-ego to what the political writer Hakim Bay calls “The Temporary Autonomous Zone”. In his book “T.A.Z.” published in 91, this anarchist describes the socio-political tactic of creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control.

It all started when they published the “Sisterworld” website where you could watch the band walking like disoriented Robinson Crusoes by the beach and through the woods. They have just released the your-worst-nightmare video “Scissors” where Angus tries to get rid of a stack of flying rocks from a lifeboat. And it keeps going with this following interview, where it appears that all of these elements are just the steps of one very well thought out masterplan.


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