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David Yow

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In January 2010, Swiss noise band Ventura invited ex-Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow to Switzerland, to lend his voice for a few songs and to perform at the 10th edition of the Lausanne’s Burning Festival. During a whole week, we stuck to his boots trying to gather some untold elements from the man’s life.

It is true that The Jesus Lizard has made quite some noise in the last few months. The Touch’n'Go records standard-bearer reunited last May for a 41 gig-tour, which got them a fair load of media coverage, even though Yow confesses they “didn’t have anything to sell”. But did you know that Yow had read parts for the last Coen brothers movie “A Serious Man”? … That he and comrade Steve Albini, both fascinated by cuisine, had once planned to air their own cooking program on local TV? … And that since his first band, Scratch Acid, to his last project, Qui, David Yow has mostly been looking for acceptance from his dad, a former fighter pilot…


02.09.2010 par Name :
Bon reportage, mais vous auriez pu mettre des sous-titres français ? J'ai pas tout compris sur la fin, quand il dit qu'il a l'air vieux. Enfin merci. :)
02.09.2010 par Clement :
Le sous-titrage des sujets est en cours sur The Drone. On n'a pas eu le temps de tous les faire encore mais ça ne saurait tarder.
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