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02.02.2010, par
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For those who just discovered the web two days ago, here’s a quick catch-up about the guy. Nathan Williams is a singer songwriter who goes by the moniker of Wavves. Nathan Williams got hyped in a heartbeat after he drew the attention of the blogosphere in 2008. Since then, the boyish-looking Southern California native had time to:

Release one of the best albums of the year, go to tour in Europe, come back, go back to Europe, breakdown on stage at Primavera Festival in Spain, fight with his drummer, kick his drummer out of the band, cancel the european tour, take a lot of shit from the blogosphere, apologize, hire Zack Hill from Hella as a new drummer, get into a fight with a guy from Black Lips, lose his new drummer Zack Hill after  he broke his wrist, hire freshly unemployed Jay Reatard’s old band, go back to Europe, play in Paris in front of a crowd expecting another “meltdown”, do an interview with us after the show.

I can’t believe he’s got a song called “So Bored”.


To watch the live version of new song In The Sand click on Bonus, bottom right of the player.

- Shot @ Le Point Ephémère

03.02.2010 par kim :
kind exiting, kind feel sorry too...
03.02.2010 par Jumparound :
I like Nathan's honesty on that one! New song sounds cool
07.07.2010 par The Jeffersonian Publication :
Man, I would just like to point out the obvious... there is no talent or actual content of any kind to be found in this band. Trite, 3 bar chord progressions running in constant 4/4 loop. It saddens me to know that people like this are who the world of independent music is obsessed with.
07.07.2010 par Clement :
I don't know about 3 chord songs and 4/4 loops repeated over and over. Got no prob with that.(do we have to mention names?) But I agree, the cheapness of the band doesn't deserve the massive coverage it gets.
29.11.2010 par C'EST KEVIN :
I have to agree... the hype is overblown. I cannot sit through an entire listen of Wavves from start to end. It gives me a freaking headache and I'm pretty sure I've written better tunes. If this is all it takes to get to tour Europe, expect to see me in another 12 months.
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